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About this pathetic site

This site is always under construction. If the name of the site wasn’t a dead giveaway, this website/blog thing is owned and operated by me, Devin Northrup. You probably don’t know me from the several shuttered blogs I created in the past that barely lasted as long as Scaramucci (it’s a 2017 joke…). Insanity brought me back to blogging. Again. What could go wrong? Let it be known, dear reader, I’m not writing for you. I’m writing for me. That’s what a journal is for, you dummy! Okay, good point. I’m also writing for you, dear reader. In that case here’s what you shouldn’t expect:

  • Focus. I’m going to talk about Jeeping, followed up by a post about composting toilets, then another one about using an iPad for product design.
  • Consistency. My writing schedule is dictated by my biological clock, which runs off of nachos and ice cream. Sometimes things are gonna flow and other times I’ll be so plugged up nothing is going to come out of me. *What are you talking about? * Writing schedule. Clearly.
  • Mastery of the English language. There their they’re will be dangling participles; incorrect punctuation—and spelling. Problums.
  • Anything resembling journalism. I cant even spell bibliography anymore, so why research? Instead, you’ll get words out that came from my brain. You can trust them, because I typed them into the internets.
  • Value. Let’s be honest, your time is better spent elsewhere. I didn’t invent the next biofuel or ascend all the great peaks in all the…continents. If you learn something from my blog, I was probably hacked. Now that my intentions are clear, please let me express my genuine surprise and admiration to you, dear reader, for your ability to endure the literary nightmare you just experienced.

About me? Well, if you met me in real life you’d learn the following highlights:

  • I’m a mediocre husband and dad.
  • I have the personality of a grumpy robot.
  • I’m employed by Degreed, the greatest company ever, doing product design. But, if you’d like more of my origin story, read on. Like many of you, I was born when I was very young. I grew up in California and Utah. My primary accomplishment during my youth was being unbeatable in Super Mario Kart. I spent 2 years in New Zealand as a Mormon missionary, then I went to school in Hawaii. Believe it or not, I graduated with an actual degree in something. To everyone’s surprise, I convinced an actual human woman to get married to me, and a rather good one at that. This union happened in 2009. Dolly and I have a son, and so far he seems like he’ll be a upstanding citizen, despite my parenting. In the spring of 2017, we started living full time in a motorhome. This hasn’t resulted in millions of Instagram followers, so it’s been a complete waste of time. Quick list of frequently asked questions:

  • Favorite food: despair

  • Favorite color: loneliness

  • Favorite animal: something extinct

  • Favorite song: Cats in the Cradle

  • Favorite movie: Land Before Time. And Rocky.

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